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On 31 August, aspiring athletes from Evercore will take part in the South Coast Challenge 2019, raising money for Justice & Care. In this year's charity challenge our restless crew will tackle either a 25 or 56km trek along the iconic South Downs Way from Eastbourne to Brighton. A mixture of coastal climbs & dramatic downhills will definitely be a test for the legs! Further details on the event can be found at: https://www.southcoastchallenge.com. Whilst eternal glory is guaranteed for all finishers, our intrepid adventurers are motivated by something much greater - raising money for Justice & Care.                                                                                                                          At this very moment, it is estimated that more than 40 million people worldwide are in slavery - 136,000 in the UK alone. Please see Justice and care website for more information on their amazing work https://www.justiceandcare.org/.                                                                                                 Evercore is extremely proud to assist Justice and Care in its efforts to recruit a "Victim Navigator". Working in partnership with local police forces, Victim Navigators ensure that survivors understand their rights, have access to services they need (such as healthcare, legal advice and counselling), and help bring traffickers and exploiters to justice. Justice and Care's work is vital in winning the fight against human trafficking and empowering survivors to rebuild their lives. Please donate generously! 
It is estimated that more than 40 million people worldwide are in slavery - 136,000 in the UK alone.  Victims like Maria, a school child from Romania.  Taken from a friend's house, sold for a few thousand pounds, brought to the UK and abused by countless men.

It is a crime with huge profits and low detection rates; victims abused and forced to work in hand car washes, nail bars, agriculture and - like Maria - brothels.

I refuse to stand by and do nothing, Which is why I'm taking part in the South Coast Challenge. Everything you give will help the work of Justice and Care, a charity supporting the victims of slavery and track down the criminal networks responsible. Your contribution will help make a difference in their work in the UK and Europe and spur me on!
  • £15 could pay for a simple hygiene pack for someone who has just been rescued from slavery in the UK
  • £50 could help provide access to therapeutic services, helping a survivor come to terms with their experience
  • £100 can help provide essential training to the police officers, prosecutors and the judiciary to help ensure those responsible for trafficking are brought to justice


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