Jessie Boston

For Freedom! Anti-Slavery Day 2019

I am remembering the fight for justice on Anti-Slavery Day

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Every life is a precious gift deserving of the freedom to live without the fear of exploitation. This year on 18 October, it's Anti-slavery day here in the UK. A day to remember the fight for freedom and justice which continues to see every man, woman and child caught in the grip of modern slavery freed.  Justice and Care bring together experts from different disciplines to tackle human trafficking and modern slavery. They focus on destroying the criminal networks responsible, whilst employing an end to end transnational approach; incorporating prevention work in communities, supporting investigations, providing care to survivors and working with governments to spark systemic change.  Together, let's see an end to this horrific crime and join the fight for freedom! 
  • £15 could pay for a simple hygiene pack for someone who has just been rescued from slavery in the UK
  • £50 could help provide access to therapeutic services, helping a survivor come to terms with their experience
  • £100 can help provide essential training to the police officers, prosecutors and the judiciary to help ensure those responsible for trafficking are brought to justice


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