Tabitha Warley

50km London Bridges Ultra Marathon

a self-organised 50km Ultra Marathon for justice

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*Edit* This is a post-poned event from 2020. due to injury. Adversity builds character right? It wouldn't be a challenge without a few bumps on the road.

On May 8th 2021* I will run a self-organised 50km run along the bridges of London. I will start at Tower Bridge, run alongside the Thames until I get to Kew Bridge, cross over and come back up for the full 50km loop finishing where I started. 

I will be sharing the next 4 months of training over on Instagram on @takeheartuk so you can follow along and I have set myself the target of raising £5,000 for Justice and Care. 

If you're reading this I hope you are moved to donate. Please support this amazing charity when their need is greatest. 

I learned to run 5 years ago. It taught me discipline, focus and I learned to believe in myself  and It taught me what I was capable. 
After countless races at various distances and 2 marathons in the last 2 years I decided I wanted to up the ante. 

I signed up for a 50km Ultra Marathon and I wanted to take on this challenge with Justice and Care as my charity partner. 

Justice and Care helps rescue victims of Human Trafficking and Slavery.  
They work with the police to rescue victims of Modern Slavery, they bring criminal networks to justice and they spark systematic change.  

I empower women and share my life experiences - alongside a serious love for fashion and beauty - on an Instagram account called Take Heart. 
Take Heart means 'Be Brave and Be Courageous' and on that platform I have shared how I have been a victim of violence and assault. Low self worth and low self esteem compounded mental health issues and I was a self-harmer for 10 years. 
I tried to take my own life at 21. 

My experiences are some of the reason I am so passionate about empowering women online but earlier this year I felt stirred to look further afield. I wanted to advocate for women's experience all over the world within my sphere of influence. 

Global estimates put the figure of people impacted by Modern Slavery over 40 million. 
1 in 4 victims are children.
70% are women and girls. 
Violence in their normal and even murder is common place. 

When I hear about millions of women living this reality every day, all over the world, my heart breaks. 

Thank you for donating and wish me luck!
  • £15 could pay for a simple hygiene pack for someone who has just been rescued from slavery in the UK
  • £50 could help provide access to therapeutic services, helping a survivor come to terms with their experience
  • £100 can help provide essential training to the police officers, prosecutors and the judiciary to help ensure those responsible for trafficking are brought to justice


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over 3 years ago
go on gal, all the best with the run x
Danielle Edwards
over 3 years ago
Good luck with training and the run! I’m sure you’ll smash it lovely x
over 3 years ago
This is an excellent cause, good luck 😁
over 3 years ago
Suzie B
over 3 years ago
Good luck!