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Walk for Worth

We hear your story. We see your hurt. And we will fight for your worth.

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Between the age of 17 and 18 I experienced sexual assault twice; it happened the same way it does with many  girls and boys  my age, being coerced into doing something I didn’t want to do because the pressure of losing that person was overwhelming.   The impact of this on my life has been as surprising as it has been profound but with  the grace of God I am healing and am very grateful for the people I have around me. 

It did, however,  get me thinking, Imagine the effects of experiencing sexual assault everyday.  Imagine not being able to go home, talk to your family, friends, a counsellor about the trauma you have or are facing, but instead are being held hostage only to face your abuser everyday. It’s impossible to comprehend the  trauma sex slaves face and live with each day, the damage that is done to their self worth and horror of their day to day lives.  

I dream of all young people coming together to put an end to this  injustice, giving these girls and women  freedom to live a life they are deserving of, therefore I am asking everyone, whether you follow, support, or aren't aware of Sincere Self-Worth to come and be a part of our fight for freedom.  We will be walking 40,000 steps on the 31st May  (you may do this across the bank holiday weekend if you don't have enough time :)). This will be a sponsored walk with all the funds going to Justice and Care. 

Justice and Care is a charity that rescues victims of modern slavery around the world (including the UK) bringing  the criminal networks responsible for human trafficking to justice, and spark systemic change. Although we are all about not defining our worth by experiences, failures and achievements, we also want to take a stand against such experiences and WALK FOR WORTH! 

If you would like to be a part of this, either respond to this post or message me privately and I will send you a sponsorship form, you can ask your friends and family what it is you are doing and hopefully they will donate to the cause!  To all you would have to do is send them the link to this fundraiser page and as them to put in *Name sponsorship. If you are not able to take part in this, your donations and sponsorship truly mean more then we can say. Fundraising is the basis of Justice for care, enabling them to rescue these survivors from appalling treatment and conditions. 

Join us as we fight for freedom and WALK FOR WORTH!
  • £15 could pay for a simple hygiene pack for someone who has just been rescued from slavery in the UK
  • £50 could help provide access to therapeutic services, helping a survivor come to terms with their experience
  • £100 can help provide essential training to the police officers, prosecutors and the judiciary to help ensure those responsible for trafficking are brought to justice


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Lucy Welch
about 3 years ago
So amazing what you’re doing.
about 3 years ago
Biltmore crew
about 3 years ago
Very proud of what u are doing for a fantastic cause. Good luck x
about 3 years ago
Good luck Pheebs and well done for raising awareness of such a worthy cause. I look forward to hearing how it goes! X
about 3 years ago
Good luck! x